Will judge allow overnight visitors of the opposite sex when child home?

Will a judge of the Rhode Island Family Court allow overnight (romantic) visitors of the opposite sex when children are home? The answer is that it depends. Here are is a bright line general rule in this confusing minefield: When the RI divorce is pending and final judgment has not entered, almost all Providence Family […]

After Divorce who claim child as Dependency Exemptions for Tax?

Rhode Island divorce and child custody attorney discusses the law concerning who may claim the minor child on their federal and state income tax forms. Pursuant to Rhode Island Law, who is entitled to claim the minor child or children as Dependency Exemptions for Federal Tax Purposes? If there is no indication in a Divorce […]

Rhode Island Divorce Child Custody and Family Law

Below you will find three articles by Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer, David Slepkow 403-437-1100 Providence divorce attorney (1)      This Article explains in depth the important considerations and decisions that must be made by a Husband or Wife prior to filing for Divorce in Rhode Island. The issues discussed in this comprehensive article by David Slepkow […]

Does RI Have Jurisdiction for Paternity Case against Non Resident?

Rhode Island Family Court can properly exercise Subject Matter Jurisdiction of Paternity Cases under RIGL 15-8-7 which is set forth below. If you need a paternity attorney in Rhode Island call RI paternity lawyer, David Slepkow Pursuant to 15-8-7 the act of sexual intercourse in Rhode Island gives the Rhode Island Court Jurisdiction if the […]

Rhode Island Divorce Mediation | RI Divorce Mediator

In Mediation, parties attempt to settle disputes, divide property, and determine visitation, child support and custody issues. The goal of the mediation is to curtail a long  bitter and expensive court process in RI Family Court. A mediator’s prime goal is to facilitate a settlement rather than make determinations.  Judges decide Cases. RI Family Court Attorneys advocate for their clients. Mediators […]

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10 Random RI Family Law FAQS by Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer

A Rhode Island divorce attorney answers several important divorce questions concerning RI family law. If you are in need of legal assistance please contact a  divorce lawyer in RI or a Providence child custody attorney. Can the three month waiting period be shortened after the nominal date? No.  Pursuant to RI law, the waiting time […]

Absurd RI Family Laws- these are still Law!

Rhode Island has some strange, anachronistic and outdated laws. Below you will find a small selection of odd and outmoded RI laws pertaining to family law and marriage. These RI laws should have been repealed ages ago. Rhode Island Family laws- outdated, strange and unbelievable! This post is authored by Rhode Island divorce attorney, David […]