Is January 4th really D- Day (Divorce day)?

I found some interesting posts online regarding the significance of January 4th on Family Law.  These posts seem to indicate that January 4th is the date that the most divorces are filed around the world. “Family Lore, Musings of an English Family Lawyer

This blog states that “Today, the first working day after the Xmas/New Year break has become known (probably more by the media than by divorce lawyers themselves) as Divorce Day, or D-Day, the day on which more people commence divorce proceedings than any other.” It may be possible that January 4th is indeed D -Day. There has to be one day that has more divorce filings than any other day in that calendar year. I wonder if the day is different every year. Perhaps it is a particular day in January?

However, I have yet to see any data to support the proposition that more divorces are filed on January 4th than any other date. Without any data, this proposition is supposition at best and an urban myth at worst.  I have not seen  any evidence that more divorce cases are filed in Rhode Island Family Court on January 4th.

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