Rhode Island: Toughest state in country to invalidate a prenuptial?

Rhode Island may be the toughest state in the country to invalidate or challenge a prenuptial agreement in Court. The RI legislature and the RI Supreme Court has made prenuptial agreements extremely difficult to set aside and invalidate! It is nearly impossible to invalidate a prenuptial in Rhode Island. In this divorce law article, a divorce […]

Equitable division of assets in a Rhode Island divorce is a 3 step process

The divorce law in RI pertaining to equitable distribution of marital assets and debts is set forth in Rhode Island law SECTION 15-5-16.1. The RI Supreme Court has stated numerous times that a marriage is an “economic partnership.” Rhode Island divorce law provides for equitable distribution of marital assets in a RI divorce. Equitable does not […]

Morning calendar call in RI Family Court is gobbledygook

Rhode Island Family Court lawyers and RI Associate Justices, Magistrates and members of the bar are so well versed in the bizarre and sometimes anachronistic calendar call it, has become nearly normal. The key word here is “nearly.”  Lets call it what it is: The calendar call is  RI judiciary, “inside baseball”, gobbledygook.  Few outsiders […]

RI divorce attorney explains Rhode Island Divorce laws

Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow answers several basic yet important questions concerning Rhode Island divorce law and procedure. These divorce questions and answers will help divorce litigants and those thinking about filing for divorce in Rhode Island navigate through the complex, and confusing minefield that is RI Family Court. What are the grounds to […]

Letter for children to give to parents to stop custody war

Here is a letter for children to give to their parents who are involved in a highly contested and bitter custody, visitation or divorce war. This letter is for kids who want their parents to stop fighting and feuding regarding custody and visitation. This letter was authored by a Rhode Island child custody attorney who […]

Common reasons why people request to modify child support

Many people are unaware that a child support amount established by the Providence Family Court, can be changed. The RI Family Court Court will require that the reason for the change is valid and that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the prior court order.  If you are in need of child […]

Less Common Reasons for Divorce in Rhode Island

This divorce post was authored by Rhode Island Divorce lawyer, David Slepkow. David explains some less common reasons for divorce. David was voted a top three lawyer in Rhode Island by the Providence Journal Reader’s Choice poll. Divorce attorney in RI In most cases, the pathway that leads to divorce or separation is very understandable […]

Surviving Divorce in RI: The do’s and don’ts post divorce

Surviving a divorce in Rhode Island can be a vulnerable and painful time that seems to never end. In addition to the emotional fallout, many ex-spouses face numerous post-divorce issues involving child support, spousal maintenance, custody issues, motions, alimony terminations, order modifications and enforcement that seem to pull them back into court. Post divorce issues […]

When can a child decide which parent to live with?

Is there a particular age when a child in Rhode Island can decide which parent they want to reside with, in a RI child custody, post divorce or divorce cause of action? A Rhode Island child custody attorney discusses the important issue of when a child’s preference is important in a child custody case in […]

Navigating a High Conflict Divorce in RI

Every divorcein RI is stressful and and often brings out the worst out in most of us. However, a high conflict divorce is far more nerve-racking when couples engage in hostile or aggressive confrontation instead of using legal negotiation tools to resolve marital issues including child custody, child support, spousal support and the division of […]

Haphazard life insurance trusts common in divorce | How to do properly

After months of arguing, motions and tedious discovery in a RI divorce, someone remembers the life insurance policies, at the last minute. Everyone is worn down. Everyone wants to get the ghastly divorce over, as soon as possible. Life insurance obligations for the benefit of the children are typically glossed over and often treated haphazardly […]

To Prenup or Not to Prenup in RI? That is the question…

While the prospect of marriage in Rhode Island is often a fulfillment of a lifetime dream for most couples, it is unfortunate to note that the majority of the marriages end up in a divorce. This is where a prenuptial agreement, otherwise known as an ante-nuptial agreement or premarital agreement comes in handy. The agreement […]

Important Considerations in Drafting a RI Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement in Rhode Island should be drafted by a RI divorce attorney or a Rhode Island prenuptial agreement lawyer. In modern times, prenuptial agreements are typically referred to as “premarital agreements.” At the end of the day, whether you call these types of agreements ante-nuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements or premarital agreements, they are […]

Step-By-Step Advice For Those Thinking About Divorce in RI

Divorce is a word that strikes fear into the heart of pretty much the vast majority of married men or woman in the world. After all, a divorce signifies a major change in your personal life, and chances are you went into your marriage thinking it would be forever – not until the problems got […]

10 critical mistakes some people make during their divorce

Going through the process of divorce in Rhode Island can be an emotionally trying experience. After all, no one goes into marriage with the thought of divorce looming in their minds. While it can often times be difficult to see the forest for the trees, approaching a Providence Family Court divorce with a level head […]

Why Most States & RI Have Made No-Fault Divorce the Standard

For generations, proving fault, or  the seedy or unsavory action of one spouse was the only option or grounds to obtain a divorce. However, no-fault divorce has become very popular in recent years as a way to eliminate a legal and permanent separation based on blame. Its popularity is in response to society’s movement away […]

Top causes of divorce in Rhode Island

Marriage, even between couples in love, is never easy. Even though we enter marriage with the best intentions and the hope of a permanent future with another, most of us will divorce in time. If you need a divorce in Rhode Island, call Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100. There are numerous reasons and […]

RI Child Support | Private School & College Education Liability

Rhode Island child support lawyer, David Slepkow answers several frequently asked questions pertaining to liability for college and private school pursuant to RI child support law. Can I get the other parent to be ordered to contribute to my child’s private school education? No. Rhode Island Family Court Magistrates and Judges take the position that […]

Important advice from RI divorce and custody attorney

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer provides free advice concerning RI family law. If you need a custody lawyer in RI, call RI divorce and child custody attorney, David Slepkow. David was voted a top three attorney in Rhode Island by the Providence Journal Reader’s choice poll. Do not exaggerate Do not exaggerate or embellish your case […]

Should sole custody be abolished in Rhode Island?

Parties who are involved in a child custody case, divorce or miscellaneous custodial petition in Providence and Kent County Family Courts typically agree to share joint custody over their minor children. When people agree to joint custody in RI, they agree that they both are fit and proper people to enjoy joint custody of their […]

Rhode Island child support statistics| RI Child Support

This RI child support article was authored by a RI child support lawyer. In Rhode Island, non-custodial parents have a legal requirement to pay child support on a regular basis. When payment is not made, the non-custodial parent is subject to strict enforcement measures that follow the child support laws of both Rhode Island and […]

Responsible Ways to Tell Your Children about the Divorce in RI

When children hear that their parents are divorcing, they often have a sense of abandonment, fearing they will be on their own without help. Even though most spouses are anxious and perturbed about the thought of informing the children, it is essential to convey love and support when telling the children the news. While Rhode […]

Child Custody in RI: How a Divorce Impacts Children

In many ways, children of divorced parents in Rhode Island live a life different from those who stay at home in a stable family environment. Many married couples in RI will divorce believing that their children were unhappy because their parents were unhappy. They assumed that because divorcing was good for the parents, it would […]

Divorce in RI- Part 5/5 “The Divorce Trial on the Merits”

This is the last segment of Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow’s comprehensive five part series concerning divorce in RI.  This post focuses on divorce trials in Providence Family Court. Also see: Part 1 of 5 , Part 2 of 5, Part 3- of 5, Part 4 of 5 Divorce trial in Providence Family Court After motions have been heard, discovery is complete and […]

Indicators: time to settle bitterly contested divorce war

Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow, presents the top indicators that it is time to end your dreadful RI divorce war. If any of these indicators are present in your Providence Family Court Divorce, it is time to set up a settlement conference or a mediation and find a way to end this spiteful and […]

The RI Discovery Process- Rhode Island Divorce A-Z (Part 4/5)

This is part 4 of a 5 part series by Rhode Island divorce lawyer, David Slepkow concerning Divorce in RI. This post focuses on the discovery process in Providence Family Court. Part 1 of 5   Part 2 of 5    Part 3- of 5 After commencing a complaint for divorce and after a party answers the complaint, […]

10 Rhode Island Child Custody and Divorce Tips

A Rhode Island child custody attorney sets forth 10 important divorce and custody tips to help clients navigate through the complex process of Providence Family Court. Important Family Court tips: Never make negative or disparaging remarks about the other parent in front of the minor child or children. Never allow third parties to make negative […]

More Providence Family Court Tips

A Rhode Island Family Court attorney who regularly litigates divorce and custody cases in Providence Family Court, sets forth numerous divorce tips to help litigants in Family Court. Please read these tips very carefully! 1. Perception is reality in Providence Family Court  Dress appropriately for your day in Providence Family Court. I have said this […]

RI Family Court Enters Digital Age with E-files & E-Filing!

The Rhode Island Family Court, in all counties, across the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, are taking the plunge into the digital age. The Providence Family Court will begin the process of going all digital beginning tomorrow 10/31/14. All Court filings will be filed electronically including complaints for absolute divorce and miscellaneous complaints for […]

Basic Rhode Island Divorce FAQS by a RI divorce attorney

Rhode Island divorce lawyer, David Slepkow answers numerous questions about divorce law in Rhode Island. David Slepkow is an experienced Providence Family Court attorney  / RI divorce lawyer who has represented clients in hundreds of divorces in RI. What is the residency requirement to obtain a Rhode Island divorce? Either the plaintiff or defendant must […]