Beware of the Rhode Island Pump and Dump Divorce Lawyer

(Editor’s note-January 2019. The Rhode Island Family Court has changed so much over the last 5-10 years that these pump and dump lawyers are somewhat a relic of the past and nearly all these characters have retired.)

The Pump and dump RI divorce attorney

There were a small group of RI divorce Attorneys who I called “Pump and Dump Lawyers”. Thankfully, there were probably less than 9 of these “jokers” practicing in Family Court. I want to emphasize that over 99 percent of the RI Divorce lawyers do not engage in these types of practices. When I first started practicing Law 20 years ago there were more of these types of lawyers, but most have retired.

Promise you the world

These Rhode Island divorce attorneys would pump up your Family Law case and promise you the world. These lawyers would promise you that they will take your spouse to the proverbial cleaners and that they would get you everything that you want.  They will tell all kinds of war stories about how great they are. When you ran out of money before trial, they would withdraw. On the day of the trial, they would dump the case by pressuring a settlement.

They would settle right before trial

Rarely will these lawyers settle the case before the day of trial. If they do settle it before trial, it is because you do not have the money to pay them. These family lawyers will enable their family law clients and tell them exactly what they want to here. They will be overly aggressive, file endless, meaningless motions and promise the moon and stars. Many of these motions will never be heard.  The motions help pump up the lawyer’s ego, enable the client and help pump up the lawyer’s exorbitant bill. They will attempt to paper the other side to death.

padding their own egos and their own wallets

This is all a big game to these lawyers and all they really care about is padding their own egos and their own wallets. They will generate endless paperwork, create a bitter and ugly divorce war and tell you how great they are. Their legal bill will get very high and they will demand payment! They will make a complete mess of the case and once they get to the day of trial, they will dump the case with a settlement rather than going to trial.

They would often settle on the day of trial for a settlement similar to what the litigant could have gotten without the massive legal bill and towards the start or middle of the case. Often, the bill will get so high that the litigant cannot afford it and then they will dump you unceremoniously by withdrawing before they have resolved the case. After they dump you, you will need to hire another attorney to clean up the mess they left behind.

Luckily only a small percent of Rhode Island child custody and divorce attorneys constitute Pump and Dump Lawyers.