Common reasons why people request to modify child support

Many people are unaware that a child support amount established by the Providence Family Court, can be modified. The RI Family Court Court will require that the reason for the change is valid and that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the prior court order.  If you are in need of child […]

Less Common Reasons for separation

This divorce post was authored by Rhode Island Divorce lawyer, David Slepkow. David explains some less common reasons for divorce. David was voted a top three lawyer in Rhode Island by the Providence Journal Reader’s Choice poll. Separation attorney in RI In most cases, the pathway that leads to divorce or separation is very understandable […]

RI Child Support | Private School & College Education Liability

Rhode Island child support lawyer, David Slepkow answers several frequently asked questions pertaining to liability for college and private school pursuant to RI child support law. Can I get the other parent to be ordered to contribute to my child’s private school education? No. Rhode Island Family Court Magistrates and Judges take the position that […]

Rhode Island child support statistics

This RI child support article was authored by a RI child support lawyer. In Rhode Island, non-custodial parents have a legal requirement to pay child support on a regular basis. When payment is not made, the non-custodial parent is subject to strict enforcement measures that follow the child support laws of both Rhode Island and […]

Child Support Terminate 19th b-day? Yes, no or maybe?

Surprisingly, RI Family Court still has a number of murky areas of child support law. The end conclusion, as far as these issues are concerned, are far from conclusively decided in Rhode Island. The lack of clear answers continues, despite these issues have been raised thousands of times over many decades in Providence Family Court. […]

Child Support Contempt

A Rhode Island child support lawyer discusses important issues concerning contempt for failure to pay child support in Rhode Island. Are child support contempt proceedings ever initiated by the state of Rhode Island? If the parent who is owed child support (the parent with physical custody) is on AFDC Benefits (welfare), then payment may be […]

The Ex Mother in Law as a FREE umm… PAID? Daycare Provider

When there was domestic harmony between you and your ex, both of you always acknowledged how lucky you were that you had the children’s grandmother to care for your child. Grandma would never accept any money, not under any circumstances. Never. Never. umm Never*? She loved your child unconditionally and it would be a great injustice […]

Incarceration for failure to pay support in RI is not Punitive

If a noncustodial parent does not pay his child support, then the other parent may file a motion to hold the obligor parent in willful contempt. In cases in which the Custodial Parent is a full-service client of the State of Rhode Island, Child Support Enforcement then the motion can be pursued by the state. […]

Can a Custodial Parent Waive Child Support in RI Family Court?

Can a parent with physical custody of a child in Rhode Island waive RI child support? The short answer is yes. However, the Providence Family Court will typically leave child support open so that the custodial parent can change their decision at any time and seek child support. If a custodial parent decides they do not […]

Contributions by Non Custodial Parent to Child Medical Insurance

If your child’s mother recieve Ritecare or Riteshare medical insurance from the State of Rhode Island for the minor child, then the State will file a case in Court against you. Under RI Law, the State of RI will request that you provide health insurance for your child. If you do not have a job or […]

Family Court Info

SECTION 15-20-2 § 15-20-2 Duty of obligor parent to notify department. – (a) When the obligor parent changes employers, the obligor parent shall promptly notify his or her subsequent employer of his or her order for child support and/or health insurance and shall notify the department of administration, division of taxation, child support enforcement, of […]

RI Child Support Payment Instructions and address

If you are legally obligated to make your Child Support payments through the state of Rhode Island, then all checks or money orders must be made payable to the: “Rhode Island Family Court” Send the RI child support payments to “RI Child Support Payment Service Unit P.O. Box 5073 Hartford, CT 06102-5073” Identify any Child Support […]

Can Child Support in RI be Modified Retroactively?

Rhode Island paternity and child support attorney, David Slepkow discusses the issue of retroactive child support in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.  The general rule is that a person must seek to modify child support when circumstances change because support does not run back to the date circumstances changed. Child support runs retroactive in two […]

Maximum child support garnishment amount in RI under federal law

Title 15, Sections 1672  and 1673 of the U.S. Code set forth certain exemptions to state Child Support Garnishment. The Rhode Island Family Court may only Garnish “Disposable earnings”. Section 1672 defines “disposable income” as earnings after State, Federal and Local Tax. How much disposable income may be garnished for child support? If you are providing support to another […]

Work Related Daycare is usually included in RI Child Support

The Rhode Island minimum child support guidelines take into account both the importance and expense of reasonable and necessary, work related daycare. Daycare must be work related in order to have the other parent ordered to pay their fair share. Camp and babysitting could constitute daycare factored into child support A camp during the summer […]