RI divorce attorney explains Rhode Island Divorce law

Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow answers several basic, yet important, questions concerning Rhode Island divorce law and procedure. These divorce questions and answers will help divorce litigants and those thinking about filing for divorce in Rhode Island navigate through the complex, and confusing minefield that is RI Family Court. What are the grounds to […]

Haphazard life insurance trusts common in divorce | How to do properly

After months of arguing, motions and tedious discovery in a RI divorce, someone remembers the life insurance policies, at the last minute. Everyone is worn down. Everyone wants to get the ghastly divorce over, as soon as possible. Life insurance obligations for the benefit of the children are typically glossed over and often treated haphazardly […]

Step-By-Step Marriage Advice For Those Thinking About Divorce

Divorce is a word that strikes fear into the heart of pretty much the vast majority of married men or woman in the world. After all, a divorce signifies a major change in your personal life, and chances are you went into your marriage thinking it would be forever – not until the problems got […]

10 critical mistakes some people make during their divorce

Going through the process of divorce in Rhode Island can be an emotionally trying experience. After all, no one goes into marriage with the thought of divorce looming in their minds. While it can often times be difficult to see the forest for the trees, approaching a Providence Family Court divorce with a level head […]

Why Most States & RI Have Made No-Fault Divorce the Standard

For generations, proving fault, or  the seedy or unsavory action of one spouse was the only option or grounds to obtain a divorce. However, no-fault divorce has become very popular in recent years as a way to eliminate a legal and permanent separation based on blame. Its popularity is in response to society’s movement away […]

Top causes of divorce in Rhode Island

Marriage, even between couples in love, is never easy. Even though we enter marriage with the best intentions and the hope of a permanent future with another, most of us will divorce in time. If you need a divorce in Rhode Island, call Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100. There are numerous reasons and […]

Responsible Ways to Tell Your Children about the Divorce in RI

When children hear that their parents are divorcing, they often have a sense of abandonment, fearing they will be on their own without help. Even though most spouses are anxious and perturbed about the thought of informing the children, it is essential to convey love and support when telling the children the news. While Rhode […]

Child Custody in RI: How a Divorce Impacts Children

In many ways, children of divorced parents in Rhode Island live a life different from those who live in a stable family environment. Many married couples in RI will divorce believing that their children were unhappy because their parents were unhappy. They assumed that because divorcing was good for the parents, it would also be […]

Divorce in RI- Part 5/5 “The Divorce Trial on the Merits”

This is the last segment of Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow’s comprehensive five part series concerning divorce in RI.  This post focuses on a divorce trial in Providence Family Court. Also see: Part 1 of 5 , Part 2 of 5, Part 3- of 5, Part 4 of 5 Divorce trial in Providence Family Court After motions have been heard, discovery is complete […]

Top Indicators that it is time to settle your divorce war!

Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow, presents the top indicators that it is time to end your dreadful RI divorce war. If any of these indicators are present in your Providence Family Court Divorce, it is time to set up a settlement conference or a mediation and find a way to end this spiteful and […]

The RI Discovery Process- Rhode Island Divorce A-Z (Part 4/5)

This is part 4 of a 5 part series by Rhode Island divorce lawyer, David Slepkow concerning Divorce in RI. This post focuses on the discovery process in Providence Family Court. Part 1 of 5   Part 2 of 5    Part 3- of 5 The discovery process in divorce After commencing a complaint for divorce and after […]

RI divorce lawyer: Basic Rhode Island Divorce FAQS

Rhode Island divorce lawyer, David Slepkow answers numerous questions about divorce law in Rhode Island. David Slepkow is an experienced Providence Family Court attorney  / RI divorce lawyer who has represented clients in hundreds of divorces in RI. What is the residency requirement to obtain a Rhode Island divorce? Either the plaintiff or defendant must […]

Say it Aint So ABC News! ABC’s horrible RI Divorce Article

ABC News recently released an article entitled, “Top 7 Worst States for Divorce.” This article is terrible journalism. This article appears to be sponsored content put out by an allegedly reputable news organization. It is wrong in nearly all respects concerning Rhode Island divorce law. This is shameful conduct on the part of ABC news. […]

Emergency Motions and Nominal Divorce- Part 3 of 5

East Providence family law lawyer, David Slepkow describes the divorce process in Rhode Island in this comprehensive series of articles about RI divorce.  This is part 3 of a 5 part series about divorce in Rhode Island. David has 20 years of experience in Providence Family Court. Part 1 of 5 , Part 2 of 5, (Part 4-5), […]

Act like ass in RI divorce, judge likely agree with spouse you are ASS!

Some people believe that it is okay to act like a moron in the course of their Rhode Island divorce litigation. These people will file ridiculous unwarranted motions, misleading restraining orders and make outrageous settlement proposals. They engage in unseemly and outrageous conduct in Providence Family Court. These people often believe that the Providence Family  Court […]

The Rules of War for Divorce

If “you people” cannot avoid an unseemly and nasty divorce war, that no one can win, then you must abide by the written and unwritten rules of divorce war. Rhode Island divorce lawyers know who “you people” are!  “You people” are people who use and abuse the Rhode Island Family Court system. See also: Part 1 […]

What is a Divorce War? Endless battles

This is part 1 of a 2  part series of articles authored by a Rhode Island divorce lawyer concerning divorce in RI. This legal article answers the question: “What is a divorce war” I do not think that divorce in Rhode Island should be considered or treated as a “war.” Sometimes spouses engage in bad behavior […]

What is Marital Property in Rhode Island Subject to the Equitable Distribution ?

A Rhode Island divorce attorney with extensive experience in Providence Family court discusses what constitutes marital property in RI. This article also explains Rhode Island divorce law concerning what is not marital property and thus not subject to the equitable distribution statute. If you need legal advice about a divorce in RI, contact a Rhode […]

Motion for temporary Orders or Emergency Relief in RI Divorce?

A Rhode Island divorce attorney discusses emergency motions and motions for temporary orders in Providence Family Court. Should I file a motion for emergency relief in a RI Divorce? A motion for temporary orders in a Rhode Island Divorce should be filed if the husband or wife is in need of temporary resolution of issues […]

Common Law Marriage in Rhode Island: Fact or Fiction?

If you believe you may be common law married in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, contact a Rhode Island divorce attorney. A RI divorce lawyer with experience litigating common law marriage causes of action, will help you get the justice that you deserve. Common Law Marriage in Rhode Island Fiction- If I live together with […]

Rhode Island divorce & alimony law: Who qualifies? Factors

RI divorce lawyer David Slepkow answers the following FAQS concerning RI Spousal Support: Who Qualifies for Alimony? What Factors must a Family Court Judge Look at to whether a litigant qualifies? Rhode Island alimony law Alimony is payments that one spouse may be ordered to pay another spouse for support as a result of a divorce.  Some spouses qualify […]

The very rare divorce trial in RI Family Court

A Rhode Island divorce attorney discusses the lack of divorce trial in Providence, Kent, Newport and Washington County Family Court. This article was rewritten in 2016 as a result of a recent trend of more progressive and modern judges who are more receptive to trials on the merits in Rhode Island Family Court. There are a […]

How to Help Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Divorce particularly one that involves children is emotionally difficult. Children in the middle of divorce will experience stress, confusion and sadness. As a parent, you will need to guide your kids to make the process less difficult for them. Divorce When dealing with a divorce of this nature it may help for you to not […]

The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

According to statistics, half of all marriages end up in divorce. Countries such as Sweden and the Czech Republic have even higher divorces rates at a whopping 60 percent of all marriages ending up in separation. Though the reasons for divorce vary from couple to couple, there are common reasons which are typically a combination […]

Divorce and the Children

Remaining amicable and civil, at least in front of the children, is essential. A united front is the only way to move forward. If you cannot do this, perhaps you both need to seek professional help before you turn the lives of your children upside down and inflict irreversible damage to their lives. Co-Parenting Divorce […]

Beware of the Rhode Island Pump and Dump Divorce Lawyer

(Editor’s note-January 2019. The Rhode Island Family Court has changed so much over the last 5-10 years that these pump and dump lawyers are somewhat a relic of the past and nearly all these characters have retired.) The Pump and dump RI divorce attorney There were a small group of RI divorce Attorneys who I […]

Why is there 3 month waiting period to enter Final Judgment of Divorce?

In RI Divorce, the Final Judgment of Divorce may not be entered until after three months from the nominal divorce trial or after the contested RI Divorce trial. The Husband & Wife are legally married during the 3 month period until Final Judgment actually enters Final Judgment enters when the judge signs the final judgment […]

RI Divorce often devolves into the Silly Season

I was recently watching a hearing in Rhode Island Family Court and thinking to myself either everyone in Divorce Court is a criminal, drug abuser, weirdo and / or maniac or Divorce is often just the silly season. When I got back to my office I googled the phrase “the Silly Season.” The definition of Silly […]

Grounds for Divorce in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island Divorce cases the vast majority of cases are filed on the grounds of irreconciable differences. However, RI Family Law allows various additional grounds for a  divorce. These grounds must be proven at trial or nominal hearing  in order for theFamily Court judge to grant a divorce based on these grounds. Commentary: It is very rare to see […]

Is January 4th really D- Day (Divorce day)?

I found some interesting posts online regarding the significance of January 4th on Family Law.  These posts seem to indicate that January 4th is the date that the most divorces are filed around the world. “Family Lore, Musings of an English Family Lawyer” This blog states that “Today, the first working day after the Xmas/New Year break […]