Morning calendar call in RI Family Court is Gobbledygook

Rhode Island Family Court lawyers and RI Associates Justices, Magistrates  and members of the bar are so well versed in the bizarre and sometimes anachronistic calendar call it, has become nearly normal. The key word here is “nearly.”  Lets call it what it is: The calendar call is “inside baseball”,  gobbledygook.  Few outsiders or pro-se […]

Navigating a High Conflict Divorce in RI

Every divorce is stressful and and often brings out the worst out in most of us. However, a high conflict divorce is far more nerve-racking when couples engage in hostile or aggressive confrontation instead of using legal negotiation tools to resolve marital issues including child custody, child support, spousal support and the division of marital […]

Important advice from RI divorce and custody attorney, lawyer

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer provides free advice concerning RI family law. If you are in need of a custody lawyer in RI, call RI divorce and child custody attorney, David Slepkow.  Do not exaggerate Do not exaggerate or embellish your case  at a hearing in front of a Rhode Island Family Court Justice or Magistrate. […]

RI Family Court Enters Digital Age with E files & E Filing!

The Rhode Island Family Court, in all counties, across the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, are taking the plunge into the digital age. The Providence Family Court will begin the process of going all digital beginning tomorrow 10/31/14. All Court filings will be  filed electronically including complaints for absolute divorce and miscellaneous complaints for […]

Random Rhode Island family and divorce law FAQS

Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow answers some important questions concerning divorce law in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. David is an experienced RI Family law and child custody lawyer with 19 years of experience in Providence Family Court. These RI divorce FAQS should be very informative to litigants going through the divorce process. Why […]

The Misguided Family Court Constitutional Amendment Guy!

All the Judges and Lawyers who practice in Family Court know who you are. You’re the guy who cites the constitutional amendments in Kent County Family Court. You are the guy who everyone including the judge rolls their eyes when you open your mouth.  Here comes the Constitutional Amendment guy!  Let’s all crowd into court to get a […]

RI Divorce Tips: Clients Who Seek an Enabler rather than a Lawyer…

Occasionally, I see divorce clients who interview attorneys  looking to get the advice they want to hear rather than an explanation of the realities of Rhode Island Family Court. These people will hire the RI divorce attorney who tells them what they want to hear. Some of these potential clients wrongly equate a higher hourly legal fee with […]

RI Family Court (2013) & Law News; New Rhode Island Judge & more!

Rhode Island Family Law Lawyer David Slepkow 401-4337-1100 presents the following News articles related to Family Law in Providence and other cities and towns in RI Title of Article: Governor Chafee picks Magistrate Asquith as next Family Court judge Editors Commentary: Congrats to Magistrate Asquith for this honor. Rhode Island Family Court will definitely benefit from […]

RI Top Court: Lawsuit Alleging Constitutional Abuse by Family Court is MOOT!

Fifteen minor children sued the Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Family Court as well as numerous Magistrates of the Court. The minor children who filed the lawsuit all participated in the Court’s Truancy Court Diversion Calendar Program. This program involved RI Family Court Magistrates conducting Court Hearings at Public Schools across Rhode Island. This […]

Why RI Family Judges do not care that your attorney fee is exorbitant!

Do not expect to get any sympathy from Rhode Island Family Court Judges about how long the case has gone on and how much the divorce case has cost you. Judges have too many case on their calendar to be worried about life stressors of the litigants. RI Family Court Judges want cases to settle […]

RI Family Court – Know Your judge!

Pro Se litigants are at a major disadvantage in Rhode Island Family Court because they are not familiar with the Judges and Magistrates. Rulings in RI Family Court may depend on making the right argument to the judge. As a seasoned Family Law Attorney, I have practiced before all the judges hundreds of times. As time […]

New Filing Fees and Service Fees Imposed at RI Family Court

The Chief Justice of the Rhode island Family Court has instituted new fees. It will now cost you $ 25 to get a certified copy or exemplified copy of a  final Judgment of Divorce in Rhode Island. (There is no cost for the initial Certified Copies of the Final Judgement after it is entered by […]

5 Mistakes to avoid in Providence Family Court!

1.) Refusing mediation sends a message to the judge that you are part of the problem not part of the solution. Even if there is no chance for the mediation to work, give settlement a chance. Judges in RI Family Court have a heavy calendar and demand that litigants negotiate and attempt a settlement before […]

Three Important RI Family Court Tips!

Two Important Family Court Tips: 1) keep your child out of the  divorce or custody case as much as possible. Do not  fight or yell at each other in front of your children. Do not make negative remarks about the other parent in front of your children. Do not make the mistake of attempting to […]

RI Family Court Information

Below you will find important phone numbers and information concerning Rhode Island Family Court: J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex (Providence Family Court) One Dorrance Plaza – Map Providence‚ RI 02903 Restraining Order Office: 401–458–3372 Family Counseling Unit: 401–458–3420 Domestic Violence Coodinator: 401–458–3377 Domestic Clerk’s Office: 401–458–3200 (Divorce‚ Child Custody ‚etc.) Juvenile Clerk’s Office: 401–458–3290 (Juvenile […]

RI Family Court: Different Judge Sometimes equals different Decision!

One of the best reasons to retain a  Rhode Island Family Court Lawyer is because an experienced RI family Attorney will have a general idea how a particular judge will rule on a particular issue. Of course, some issues are highly fact specific and the lawyer will not know how a judge will rule because the issue […]

Providence Family Court RI Phone Numbers and Address

Providence Family Court | J. Joseph Garrahy Judicial Complex- FAMILY COURT (Providence County) One Dorrance Plaza – Map Providence‚ RI 02903 401-458-3200 (Clerk’s Office and main Number) Facsimile / fax number (401) 458-3130 Mapquest directions Clerk’s Offices, Second Floor Domestic Relations – Clerk’s Office, Second Floor Cities and Towns in Providence County | family courthouse providence ri (Providence County Family […]

Kent County Family Court RI Phone Number & Address

Google Places incorrectly lists the phone number of  Rhode Island Kent County Family Court. Below you will find the correct information. This information is Provided by Rhode Island Family Court LAWYER , David Slepkow 401-437-1100. Kent County Family Court in Warwick Rhode Island Kent County Judicial Complex 222 Quaker Lane Warwick‚ RI 02886 [Driving directions- Google […]

Win Your RI Custody Case by Not Acting as a Moron!

In my 13 years as a Rhode Island Child Custody Lawyer, I have seen many fathers and mothers make inane and stupid decisions during the course of Rhode Island Child Custody Proceedings. Sometimes winning your RI Child Custody is about the mistakes that you avoid rather than what you do right. The stupid and boorish […]