Rhode Island: Toughest state in country to invalidate a prenuptial?

Rhode Island may be the toughest state in the country to invalidate or challenge a prenuptial agreement in Court. The RI legislature and the RI Supreme Court has made prenuptial agreements extremely¬†difficult to set aside and invalidate! It is nearly impossible to invalidate a prenuptial in Rhode Island. In this divorce law article, a divorce […]

To Prenup or Not to Prenup in RI? That is the question…

While the prospect of marriage in Rhode Island is often a fulfillment of a lifetime dream for most couples, it is unfortunate to note that the majority of the marriages end up in a divorce. This is where a prenuptial agreement, otherwise known as an ante-nuptial agreement or premarital agreement comes in handy. The agreement […]

RI Prenuptial Agreement lawyer: Important Drafting Considerations

A prenuptial agreement in Rhode Island should be drafted by a RI divorce attorney or a Rhode Island prenuptial agreement lawyer. In modern times, prenuptial agreements are typically referred to as “premarital agreements.” At the end of the day, whether you call these types of agreements ante-nuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements or premarital agreements, they are […]