Letter for children to give to parents to stop custody war

Here is a letter for children to give to their parents who are involved in a highly contested and bitter custody, visitation or divorce war. This letter is for kids who want their parents to stop fighting and feuding regarding custody and visitation. This letter was authored by a Rhode Island child custody attorney who […]

When can a child decide which parent to live with?

Is there a particular age when a child in Rhode Island can decide which parent the minor child wants to reside with, in a RI child custody, post divorce or divorce? A Rhode Island child custody attorney discusses the important issue of when a child’s preference is important in a child custody case in RI. […]

What is sole custody? Should it be abolished?

Parties who are involved in a child custody case, divorce or miscellaneous custodial petition in Providence and Kent County Family Courts typically agree to share joint custody over their minor children. When people agree to joint custody in RI, they agree that they both are fit and proper people to enjoy joint custody of their […]

10 Rhode Island Child Custody and Divorce Tips

A Rhode Island child custody attorney sets forth 10 important divorce and custody tips to help clients navigate through the complex process of Providence Family Court. Important Family Court tips: Never make negative or disparaging remarks about the other parent in front of the minor child or children. Never allow third parties to make negative […]

Keep children out of your RI Custody, Divorce or Visitation feud!

Children do not want to be part of your divorce war or visitation feud. They do not want to hear the arguments, bickering and yelling. They do not want to hear the negative comments and innuendo. They don’t want to listen to you complain to your friends or family about the other parent. This child […]

Distinction: Joint Custody & Sole Custody – Crucial & Meaningless

Let’s start with the central premise concerning child custody in Rhode Island. When a child is born and the father is on the birth certificate, the parties automatically have joint custody of that child. The modern trend in Rhode Island Family Court favors litigants being awarded joint custodial rights over their children. This applies in […]

Basics of Legal Custody & Physical Custody by a Child Custody Attorney

RI Family Court judges utilize the “best interest of the child” standard in Child Custody Visitation cases.  These Custody factors are set forth in the seminal RI Custody Law case of Pettinato v Pettinato, 589 A.2d 909 (R.I. 1990) Custody decisions are made in all types of Domestic matters including: Post Divorce, Paternity, DCYF, Family […]

Family Courts should ban words: Visitation & Visits. Parents not visitors

It is common practice for the RI Family Court and others to use the word “visitation” or “visits” when determining the parenting time for the parent who the child does not reside with. These terms are used in Rhode Island divorce, child custody, paternity, family Law and visitation cases However, the term “visitation” has very […]

If you play near the fire you may get pushed in!

There is the old adage- People in glass houses should not throw stones. When it comes to Rhode Island Family Court, I go one step farther and state “If you play near the fire you may get pushed in!” Risk taking in Family Court “Jane” lives with her “fiancée” and they have been together for […]

Guiding Children through a Divorce

This aspect of a break-up is the most complicated aspect of a divorce to handle. Certainly, if the divorce is amicable then the needs to children can be prioritized. However, that may not be your particular situation. With that in mind, this article will share some things which may help your family cope with the […]

Don’t bring your children to Court unless requested by the judge!

Children should not be in Family Court in RI unless requested by the Judge. If the judge wants to interview your child about visitation or custody, he or she will request  that you to bring your kids to Court. Younger children, infants and toddlers often cry or make noise in the Courtroom, disrupting the proceedings. Teenagers […]

Parental Alienation Lawyer

Parental Alienation is when one parent, typically the parent with physical custody, engages in a course of conduct which unjustifiably alienates or attempts to alienate a child against the other parent. Parental alienation is extremely harmful to children. Parental Alienation is not a syndrome. Parental Alienation Syndrome has been refuted and discredited. If you believe the […]

Will Judge Interview my child RE: Custody in Family Court?

RI Family Court Judges have different philosophies regarding whether they will interview children in a RI divorce, custody or visitation case. These interviews are typically in camera. In camera is a latin word for “in chambers”. Some judges refuse to interview children under any circumstances. These judges will have a Guardian Ad Litem, Rhode Island Family Services […]

RI Custody TIP: Do not Coach your child!

Coaching your child in family court almost always backfires. Children cannot keep a secret. The Family Court Justice or Guardian ad litem will ask the child what you told the minor child about the Rhode Island custody case. Please contact Rhode Island Child Custody David Slepkow 401-437-1100. Rhode Island child custody attorney A child may ask you […]

Tender Years Doctrine | Do Mothers Have Advantage Custody for young children?

In the old days, the mother of a young child had a significant advantage in obtaining physical custody of a young child in a child custody case in Rhode Island Family Court. This advantage was commonly referred to as the “Tender Years Doctrine.” Has the old “tender years doctrine” survived in RI Child Custody Feuds […]

Do mothers always get custody of young children?

Is the “Tender Years Doctrine” really dead in Rhode Island? The tender years doctrine is a legal theory that while the children are young they should be placed with their mother. The tender years doctrine is NOT the law in RI now. If you are involved in a custodial battle in Rhode Island family court then contact […]

Can a Child Have a Lawyer in a RI Divorce or Custody Case?

In Rhode Island Family Court, Judges rarely appoint a Lawyer to represent a child.  There is no tradition or culture of lawyers representing children in Rhode Island Family Court. The Vast Majority of appointments are for Guardian Ad Litems for the Minor Children. What is the difference between a Lawyer for a child in Family Court […]