Equitable division of assets in a Rhode Island divorce is a 3 step process

The law in RI pertaining to equitable distribution of marital assets and debts is set forth in Rhode Island law SECTION 15-5-16.1. The RI Supreme Court has stated numerous times that a marriage is an “economic partnership.” Rhode Island law provides for equitable distribution of marital assets in a divorce. Equitable does not necessarily mean equal! […]

Family Court Tip: If You’re Winning- SHUT UP!

This article contains a very important family court tip for pro-se litigants in Providence Family Court. Pro-se* litigants often make fundamental mistakes in Providence Family Court. These mistakes include not understanding how to address the Providence Family Court judge. Also, self-represented parties fail to understand proper arguments and improper arguments in Rhode Island Family Court […]

7 RI Family Court TIPS for your Divorce, Custody or Visitation Case!

Rhode Island child custody attorney, David Slepkow provides 7 tips for litigants in Providence Family Court. David Slepkow is an experienced Family Court practitioner with 18 years of experience fighting the battles in Providence Family Court. Custody and domestic relations TIPS! 1. Never get in a feud with opposing counsel in a divorce or custody […]

RI Divorce Discovery: Interrogatories, Request for Documents, Etc.

An experienced RI divorce lawyer answers numerous questions about domestic law practice in Providence Family Court. What is ” Discovery” in Rhode Island Divorce?How do I get information about my Spouse? How do I get information about Marital Assets and Debts? In some cases, Husband or Wife may be hiding assets or stashing away money in […]

The Visitation Exchange- when Court Order meets WWF Wrestling

The parties have attended their RI Family Court Hearing and a visitation Schedule is set by agreement of the parties with help from the judge. The parties also agree to joint custody and child support. Everything is now on paper in a court order signed by the Judge and Entered by the Clerk as a binding […]

RI Divorce Tips: Clients Who Seek an Enabler rather than a Lawyer…

Occasionally, I see divorce clients who interview attorneys  looking to get the advice they want to hear rather than an explanation of the realities of Rhode Island Family Court. These people will hire the RI divorce attorney who tells them what they want to hear. Some of these potential clients wrongly equate a higher hourly legal fee with […]

D’onfrio Decision Limits Power of Guardian Ad Litem in RI Family Court

The seminal case in Rhode Island concerning  guardian ad litems in Rhode Island family Court is D’onofrio v Donofrio, 738 A.2d 1081 (R.I. 1999) The Rhode Island Supreme Court gave wide discretion to the trial judge to appoint a Guardian ad Litem in Child Custody cases in Family Court. Judge makes final decisions not guardian ad […]