Keep children out of your RI Custody, Divorce or Visitation feud!

Children do not want to be part of your divorce war or visitation feud. They do not want to hear the arguments, bickering and yelling. They do not want to hear the negative comments and innuendo. They don’t want to listen to you complain to your friends or family about the other parent. This child custody article was authored by a Rhode Island child custody attorney.

STOP IT and put your child first!

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Since children cannot have their divorced or divorcing parents back together, they want the Rhode Island Custody feud over with. THEY WANT ALL THIS MESS TO STOP!!  If the Visitation brouhaha will not be over, they want to be left out of it!

Most of all they just want to be kids. Let them be children. Let them have a childhood.  

They would prefer to be at the playground and not being interviewed by the RI Family Court Judge or Magistrate. They don’t want to go to counseling. They often think that you guys are the ones who should get counseling. They want to play with their friends, play video games and be children.

Make it a point to:

  • agree to not argue or yell at each other in front of your child.
  • not to discuss your visitation or custody battle with third parties when they can hear the conversation.
  • discuss the case as little as possible with the children.
  •  not make negative or disparaging comments (direct or indirect) about the other parent or the other parents friends and family.
  • encourage and facilitate your child’s relationship and bonding with the other parent.

Children our not pawns in your ongoing divorce war or visitation feud

Children are not leverage to get a better financial settlement. Just let them have a childhood. Children should not be not  couriers  for your  RI child support payments. One mistake that some parents make is trying to get the kids on their side to make sure that the children sympathize with their point of view. This is a big mistake!

 RI child custody tip: Children are not your friends and confidantes

Children are not your friends and confidantes! Children who become immersed in RI Custody feuds or contentious divorces in Providence Family Court are more likely to have behavioral problems in school, be engaged in juvenile delinquency, become suicidal or abuse drugs and alcohol.

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