New Filing Fees and Service Fees Imposed at RI Family Court

The Chief Justice of the Rhode island Family Court has instituted new fees. It will now cost you $ 25 to get a certified copy or exemplified copy of a  final Judgment of Divorce in Rhode Island. (There is no cost for the initial Certified Copies of the Final Judgement after it is entered by the clerk)

You will have to pay $120 each time you reopen your divorce case for a new motion.

This means that once the case concludes and passes off the Calendar, you will have to pay $120 to reopen the case. Each time you reopen the case you will have to pay an additional filing fee. The prior Court procedure was that you only had to pay a filing fee for the first time you reopen a divorce.

With a new chief Judge the RI Family Court is in a period of immense change. The New Chief judge is issuing numerous administrative orders and has instituted numerous changes to the Court Rules. The RI Family court handles Juvenile Cases, Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity, Child Support, Post Divorce and numerous other Family law Matters.

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