RI Family Court (2013) & Law News; New Rhode Island Judge & more!

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Title of Article: Governor Chafee picks Magistrate Asquith as next Family Court judge

RI family court news 2013

RI family court news 2013

Editors Commentary: Congrats to Magistrate Asquith for this honor. Rhode Island Family Court will benefit from having her as a judge handling such matters as divorce, custody, alimony, child support and visitation. Magistrate Asquith is well respected among Rhode Island divorce attorneys.

This nomination resulted from the RI Bar Association criticism that the Governor had not appointing a Domestic Court Judge. The Rhode Island Bar Association asserted that a lack of Providence County and Kent County judges are causing delays in resolving divorces.

Title of Article: Rhode Island legalizes same-sex marriage

Editors Commentary: Rhode Island became the 10th state to allow gays and lesbians to wed. This law essentially renders moot a decision by the Rhode Island Supreme Court in 2007 not allowing gays and lesbians from other states to get divorced in RI. Cite In that case, the RI top Court ruled that a same sex married couple who were married in MA could not legally divorce in RI.

Years later, same sex marriage became legal across the United States.

Raimondo backs bill to enhance aid to crime victims

This article cites interesting statistics: about Rhode Island restraining orders and domestic violence: “…according to data from the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, there are many Rhode Islanders who may be in situations that they need to escape. According to the coalition’s annual report, 3,044 people received restraining orders from Rhode Island Family and District Courts, but over 900 people were charged with violating such orders.” Johnston Sunrise

Family Court judge: R.I. needs more long-term placements for mentally ill youths

Editors Commentary: Judge Bedrosian, the chief Judge of the RI Family Court’s “testified before a Senate oversight hearing Wednesday that Rhode Island lacks adequate long-term residential programs in Rhode Island to care for youth with severe mental health problems” quote from Providence Journal article

“A majority (83.2 percent) of the 5.9 million custodial parents due child support payments in 2009 had arrangements for joint child custody or visitation privileges with the noncustodial parent, not statistically different from the proportion who had such arrangements in 1993 (85.6 percent). Among this group, 72.8 percent received at least some child support payments in 2009. Of the custodial parents due child support who did not have either joint custody or visitation arrangements, 60.5 percent received full or partial child support payments.28 For the 7.8 million custodial parents without any agreements, or with agreements but not due child support, 68.2 percent had arrangements with the noncustodial parent for visitation privileges or some type of shared custody.” http://www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/p60-240.pdf