RI Family Court Enters Digital Age with E-files & E-Filing!

The Rhode Island Family Court, in all counties, across the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, are taking the plunge into the digital age. The Providence Family Court will begin the process of going all digital beginning tomorrow 10/31/14.


RI Judiciary E-filing

All Court filings will be filed electronically including complaints for absolute divorce and miscellaneous complaints for visitation and child custody. However, pro-se litigants will be able to submit paper documents and such documents will be converted to pdf files by the clerks. This specifically includes Providence Family Court, Washington County Family Court, Newport Family Court and Kent County Family Court

E-filing will be the new normal

E-filing will be the new normal for all Domestic causes of action including adoption, paternity, divorce, post divorce, child support, custody, visitation etc. How all of this will play out on a day to day basis is yet to be determined. However, be prepared for some turbulence at the Court in the coming weeks as everyone tries to sort out these revolutionary changes.

Filing fees will now be increased to account for this cost. There are tons of unanswered questions.

The State of Rhode Island’s websites states: “The Judiciary has undertaken a three (3) year project of implementing a new case management system (CMS) and EFS statewide.  Both the CMS and the EFS are products from Tyler Technologies, Inc.  The Workers’ Compensation Court has implemented the new CMS.  The EFS will be implemented shortly.  From Thursday, October 30, 2014 to November 3, 2014, the new CMS for civil cases in the Superior and District Courts and domestic cases in the Family Court are scheduled for conversion.  With the conversion of the new CMS, the EFS will be implemented in the Superior, Family, and District Courts on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.  By 2016, all courts and case types will convert to a new CMS and EFS.” http://www.courts.ri.gov/efiling/default.aspx

The Providence Journal reports: “The judiciary is undertaking the Herculean, $5.9-million effort through a contract with Plano, Texas-based Tyler Technologies. The new case-management system is known as Odyssey, as indicated on signs on the courtroom doors that read “Workers’ Compensation Court … Let the Odyssey begin.” The projo further asserts: “It is an odyssey of sorts that the courts are undergoing. For centuries, courts have relied upon paper files that are filling Rhode Island’s courthouses to the brim. The new system allows lawyers to carry their caseloads via iPads and other electronic devices. The public eventually is expected to be able to call up court documents using an app on cellphones.” http://www.providencejournal.com/breaking-news/content/20140519-r.i.-judiciary-in-midst-of-5.9-million-transition-to-online-case-file-system.ece