The 5 Basics of Your Day in RI family Court

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer with extensive experience in ri family court explains the basics of “your day in Providence Family Court.”

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1. )   Expect to wait around RI Family Court before your case will be heard. Judges and RI Family Court magistrates have many cases on the domestic daily calendar.  You need to be patient. Usually the quicker you resolve the motions, pending arguments or disputes, the quicker you will get out of Providence Family Court. Judges in RI Family Court take settled matters as a priority on their calendar. A settled matter is a “formal” matter that will be heard nearly immediately. Judges prioritize settled matters to try to encourage litigants to resolve family Court Disputes. Contested family law matters requiring a testimonial hearing are typically heard last on the calendar. If you want to fight, be prepared to wait around.

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What is “full custody” in RI?

2.) Never refuse mediation in RI Family Court! Judges have too many cases on their calendar. If you refuse mediation, then the Family Court Judge will believe you are part of the problem not part of the solution. Just because you try mediation does not mean that you are required to compromise any of your positions or even settle the case. Divorce Court Judges want solutions not trouble makers. Surprisingly, mediation is a very effective tool in resolving divorce, custody and child support matters. Often, litigants will tell everyone who will listen that RI divorce mediation in RI Family Court will not work and it is a waste of time. There is very little downside in engaging in a Rhode Island child custody or visitation mediation.

3) It is the exception not the norm that a child custody, child support or divorce issue is resolved in one Rhode Island Family Court Hearing. In many cases, more documentation or information is needed or there is a need for a Providence Family Court investigation or mediation.

4.) Dress appropriately for court. Perception is reality! Do not overdress. If you overdress, it may seem like a pathetic attempt to gain an advantage. Providence Family Court is not a sporting event nor is it the community beach. This means do not wear shorts, tank tops or t shirts to your family court hearing in Kent County Family court.

5) Be friendly to the RI Family Court clerks, sheriffs and Court Staff. Trust me, the clerks talk with the judges about litigants in the coffee room in the back hallways. If the RI Family Court Judge believes you are rude or disrespectful to his staff, he will have a negative perception of you. This may influence the Judge’s decisions in your RI divorce case.

Is there free parking in Providence Family Court?

No. There is no free parking for Providence Family Court, Garrahy 1 Dorrance St, Providence, RI 02903 401-458-3200. There is on street parking with parking meters that take coins as well as credit cars. There are also numerous lots that charge between $5 to $12 dollars to park for the day depending on how long you stay. If you get there early around 8:30 am there will be an abundance of available on street parking. The parking meter maids and parking enforcement are aggressive to say the least. They will hover over your car and tag you with a ticket when the meter expires.