Contributions by Non Custodial Parent to Child Medical Insurance

If your child’s mother recieve Ritecare or Riteshare medical insurance from the State of Rhode Island for the minor child, then the State will file a case in Court against you. Under RI Law, the State of RI will request that you provide health insurance for your child. If you do not have a job or have a job which does not offer health insurance, then you must contribute 5 percent of your income to the State of RI to help the state pay for the insurance.

Cash medical contributions in Rhode Island

Child support and health insurance

Rhode Island child support attorney, David Slepkow

This cash medical contribution will be paid in addition to your child support and will be paid directly to the state of Rhode Island. The state must also give you a deduction from your gross income to determine the proper child support amount. This “deduction is set forth on the Rhode Island child support guidelines.

What is a reasonable cost under RI law? Health insurance

If you are offered health insurance through your work then you only have to provide health insurance for your child if it is available at a reasonable cost. Pursuant to Rhode Island child support law, a reasonable cost is up to 5% of your gross income.  If you provide health insurance to your child, then you are not required to pay a cash medical contribution.

Rite Care and Right Share is only available to RI residents who meet certain income qualifications

“If the Court finds that the coverage would cost the non custodial parent more than 5% of his gross income per month, the Court may order the non custodial parent to pay 5%, in addition to the child support monthly order. This would be taken directly form the employee’s income and mailed to the RI Family Court This serves to contribute to the cost of Rite care coverage that the State of RI pays. A custodial parent providing private medical coverage through her employer would receive the weekly cash contribution towards medical if the Court so ordered.”

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