Top causes of divorce in Rhode Island

Marriage, even between couples in love, is never easy. Even though we enter marriage with the best intentions and the hope of a permanent future with another, most of us will divorce in time. If you need a divorce in Rhode Island, call Rhode Island divorce attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100. There are numerous reasons and significant factors involved as to why most of us get divorced. Some of the top causes of divorcing couples in Rhode Island include:

Extramarital affair – cheating and divorce

Adultery and divorce

Unfortunately, extramarital affairs are one of the leading factors in many divorces in the U.S.  and in Rhode Island. In fact, an extramarital affair by either spouse is often an indicator of an underlying problem in the marriage that has led to cheating.

This can include resentment, simply growing apart, anger issues, imbalance of sexual appetites, different outside interests or boredom.

Financial problems

Unemployment appears to be one of the leading factors behind many divorces, especially when the husband does not maintain a job. Many marital problems are created when the couple is facing financial issues that often produce unimaginable ongoing stress. The lack of money, irrational spending habits or unwillingness to control the family finances can lead to a lack of communication, intense arguing and eventually filing for divorce in Rhode Island.

Communication issues and divorce

Good communication is essential to a strong and lasting relationship between spouses in Rhode Island. Any communication issue can quickly damage most feelings of

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romance or love. Once the communication stops, marital issues can quickly drive one or both spouses to divorce. It is essential that both parties remain communicative with each other to ensure marital survival.

Physical, emotional or mental abuse

When physical, emotional or mental abuse enters the relationship, divorce is never far behind. Many volatile married relationships in RI last far beyond the breaking point where intervention can no longer provide a safe or healthy environment for the abused spouse. In many situations, the battered spouse can seek counseling to find the strength to file a divorce and carry it through to a safe conclusion.


Some divorces are the result of one or both spouses becoming addicted to behaviors, substances or other individuals. Many divorces occur because of gambling, drug use, drinking, or some type of addiction that alters one spouse’s behavior while wrecking the life of the other. Most addictive behavior is unacceptable to a successful marriage when the spouse steals, lies or betrays marital trust. Because of the intense negativity addiction thrusts on a marriage, it continues to be a leading cause of couples divorcing.

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The only thing in life that stays the same is “change.” Over time, spouses can easily grow apart or develop other interests. When spouses grow apart, their dreams, lives and desires often become incompatible with the force that brought them and held them together during the enjoyable years of their marriage. Incompatibility at home is one of the leading factors of marital infidelity where one or both spouses are seeking a more compatible relationship with another. As a result, incompatibility can lead to unhappiness and eventual divorce.


Some form of unhappiness is the major factor of nearly all divorces. Typically, one or both spouses will realize that love is not enough to stay married when their sense of unhappiness is too great. Other times, individuals become married only to realize that marriage is more problematic, more challenging or less rewarding than they imagined before taking their vows. No individuals ever commit to marriage believing someday they will get divorced in Rhode Island. However, once marital issues appear on the horizon, it is essential to take steps to correct them quickly and appropriately. This often includes seeking marriage counseling, taking a vacation just with each other, or performing an intervention to ensure the addicted spouse enters rehabilitation. When divorce in Rhode Island (RI) is unavoidable, hiring a good Providence divorce attorney can ensure a fair split of marital ties and assets.

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Citation and statistics

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  • Marriage rate: 6.9 per 1,000 total population (49 reporting States and D.C)
  • Number of divorces: 813,862 (45 reporting States and D.C.)
  • Divorce rate: 3.2 per 1,000 population (45 reporting States and D.C.)