Responsible Ways to Tell Your Children about the Divorce in RI

When children hear that their parents are divorcing, they often have a sense of abandonment, fearing they will be on their own without help. Even though most spouses are anxious and perturbed about the thought of informing the children, it is essential to convey love and support when telling the children the news. While Rhode Island divorce is about separating, it is essential that both parents take the time to plan an agreement as to what will be said to avoid contradiction or arguing when breaking the news.

Help your children cope with a divorce in Providence Family Court

Children divorceFor nearly every child, RI divorce is a confusing, stressful and challenging idea. From toddler to teenager, children often become angry knowing that their parents are splitting up. As adults, the parents have an obligation to reduce the amount of pain the child feels during the process. Giving the child tools to get through the divorce can provide the home stability in a reassuring way.

The process of divorcing in providence Family Court with children is not seamless, and preparing what to tell them can be an effective step to help them cope. Take the time to:

Speak the Truth – It is not important that children know every minute aspect of why the parents are getting divorced. However, honesty and telling the true simply can show how splitting up in no way stops the commitment and love provided the child.
Speak the Words “I Love You” – In the midst of the divorcing process, it is easy to forget to say “I love you” to your children. This powerful message can help the child overcome the knowledge that their lives are changing for better or worse.
Answer Their Questions – During this confusing time, your children need answers to understand how their lives might or might not change. When the child knows that you are there to work together through the process, it will make life easier during the divorce.
Never Blame – Even if the divorce is the result of a painful event like infidelity, it requires parental diplomacy when telling the children why mom and dad are splitting. avoid blaming each other and make a presentation to the children on a united front. When the parents speak in unison, and show respect for each other in front of the children, the process is a lot less painful on a young child whose mind might not be able to understand all that is happening and why.

Provide Reassurance about the divorce

During this difficult time, your children will need your support in assisting them while they cry and express their emotions. Taking the time to truly listen without being

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defensive provides reassurance to correct misunderstandings, dispel fears and show how your love for your child is unconditional. Even when the child does not speak it outright, they need to be reassured in knowing that the reason mom and dad are divorcing is not their fault. By listening to their concerns about marriage dissolution proceedings, you can reassure your children that the bonds between you and them are stronger than ever. In addition, it is crucial that you provide your children the permission required to love both parents through the transition, no matter what the reason for the Rhode Island divorce.

Clear explanations

By offering honest, clear explanations without elaborating on specific details of any marital problem, you can assure the child that the family will be able to handle any change ahead. Both parents need to have reasonable expectations on the goals surrounding their divorce.

Obtaining the best legal advice from a RI divorce lawyer or Rhode Island child custody attorney can help you understand the potential outcome once the Rhode Island  divorce is final. A skilled RI divorce attorney or Providence child custody lawyer can help you comprehend what to expect in financially supporting and nurturing your child in the years ahead.

Child Psychiatrist speak

“Children often believe they have caused the conflict between their parents. Many children assume the responsibility for bringing their parents back together, sometimes by sacrificing themselves. Vulnerability to both physical and mental illnesses can originate in the traumatic loss of one or both parents through divorce. With care and attention, however, a family’s strengths can be mobilized during a divorce, and children can be helped to deal constructively with the resolution of parental conflict. Talking to children about a divorce is difficult. The following tips can help both the child and parents with the challenge and stress of these conversations: • Do not keep it a secret or wait until the last minute. • Tell your child together with your spouse. • Keep things simple and straight-forward. • Tell them the divorce is not their fault. • Admit that this will be sad and upsetting for everyone. • Reassure your child that you both still love them and will always be their parents. • Do not discuss each other’s faults or problems with the child. ”  American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

A Rhode Island divorce attorney

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer with extensive experience in Providence Family Court will help you navigate the complex system that is Rhode Island Family Court. Divorce is a complex matter that may involve the following issues: child custody, child support, visitation, asset distribution and real estate law.