RI Child Support Payment Instructions and address

If you are legally obligated to make your Child Support payments through the state of Rhode Island, then all checks or money orders must be made payable to the:

Rhode Island child support

RI child support attorney

“Rhode Island Family Court”

  • Send the RI child support payments to “RI Child Support Payment Service Unit P.O. Box 5073 Hartford, CT 06102-5073”
  • Identify any Child Support checks or money orders by PRINTING your name & The Docket Number on your check.

I don’t think it is good public policy for the State Of Rhode Island, Child Support Enforcement to contract with an out of state Connecticut Company when the state of RI has unemployment.

If you are under a direct payment order, then you should continue to pay the mother of your child directly.

If you meet any of the following criteria, then all payments must be sent to the above address:

1.) You were previously under a Rhode Island Child Support garnishment order, but you are now unemployed and unemployment or a new job has not started garnishing your wages again.

2.) You have a “cash” medical obligation as a result of fact that the mother of your child is on rite care or rite share.

3.) You are under a Family Court order to pay your child support through the State of Rhode Island because the mother of the child or children is either a full-service client of the state of Rhode Island or a bookkeeping only client of the state of Rhode Island