10 Rhode Island Child Custody and Divorce Tips

A Rhode Island child custody attorney sets forth 10 important divorce and custody tips to help clients navigate through the complex process of Providence Family Court.

Important Family Court tips:

  1. Never make negative or disparaging remarks about the other parent in front of the minor child or children. Never allow third parties to make negative or disparaging comments about the other parent or their family in front of the children. These negative remarks can be very harmful to children and the minor child’s their relationship with the other parent
  2. Win your Rhode Island child custody case in the courtroom. Do not try to prevail in the case on twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Social media commentary concerning your custody cause of action or concerning the other parent can be very damaging to your Providence Family Court custody battle.
  3. Do not use any drugs during the custody litigation. You are always subject to a drug test in RI family Court. This includes marijuana even though it is a civil offense in many states. Most judges believe parental use of marijuana is not in the best interest of the minor child.
  4. In your divorce, Rhode Island child custody, child visitation or family law case always treat court personnel, court clerks, sheriffs, court investigators with great respect and dignity. If you act disrespectful to court employees, the judge will usually find out about it and will have a negative perception of you.
  5. Dress appropriately for your day in Rhode Island Family Court. Do not overdress because it makes you look like you are fake and trying too hard. Dress business casual. Cover over all tattoos if possible.
  6. Always speak about what is best for your children, not what is best for you. The legal standard for child custody in Rhode Island is the “best interest of the child”
  7. Always agree to try mediation. It is crucial that the judge believes you are attempting to settle the matter before the judge uses valuable court resources to decide your cause of action
  8. Never interrupt the judge while the judge is speaking. This is rude and disrespectful.
  9. Do not exaggerate and lose credibility with the judge. If the Providence Family Court Judge or Magistrate does not believe what you are selling, then you have some real problems
  10. It is a bad idea to represent yourself in Providence Family court without the assistance of a Rhode Island divorce lawyer or a Rhode Island child custody attorney.
  11. Do not videotape your child or record your child in any way related to the Family law case. Judges do not like this.                                                                     More info