The Misguided Family Court Constitutional Amendment Guy!

All the Judges and Lawyers who practice in Family Court know who you are. You’re the guy who cites the constitutional amendments in Kent County Family Court. You are the guy who everyone including the judge rolls their eyes when you open your mouth.  Here comes the Constitutional Amendment guy!  Let’s all crowd into court to get a few laughs in and pull the clown car up to the judicial bench.

If your Citing Constitutional Amendments in RI Family Court you have LOST THE CASE!

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I am going to say it once…. LOUDLY and clearly- If your Citing Constitutional Amendments in RI Family Court you have LOST THE CASE! LOST! You have lost your credibility and lost any chance t0 get what you are looking for in your RI Divorce, Custody or Visitation Case.

The only constitutional amendment that may gain you any traction in Providence Family Court is the 5th Amendment when you have a pending criminal case or you risk criminal sanctions for your testimony! The 5th amendment is the right not to incriminate yourself with your testimony and is often utilized in Rhode Island divorce, custody, restraining order and complaint protection for abuse cases.

None of the amendments will help you!

The US constitution is a wonderful document but when you say anything related to the United States Constitution in Domestic Court, the judge immediately shuts her ears and thinks of some way to shut you down. The 2nd amendment will not help you unless you want your wife to get a restraining order for fear of your guns. None of the amendments will help you! Not the 1st, 4th or 14th. NONE OF THE AMENDMENTS! When the clerk sees the Constitutional amendment guy, he or she immediately finds some way to put this guy last on the calendar.

Dear Mr. Constitutional Amendment Guy:

You have no rights. You’re not the first clown to take such a stand in Family Court.  You will not be the last. It will never work. It Never has worked and never will. In Rhode Island Family Court you have few rights (and they are not related to the United States Constitution) and you have mostly obligations: obligations to play by the rules, obligations to support your child, obligations to foster a relationship between your children and the other parents. YOU DO have the right to a RI Divorce or Custody Attorney and I strongly suggest that you stop making a fool of yourself and get yourself legal counsel!