Three Important RI Family Court Tips!

Two Important Family Court Tips:

1) keep your child out of the  divorce or custody case as much as possible. Do not  fight or yell at each other in front of your children. Do not make negative remarks about the other parent in front of your children. Do not make the mistake of attempting to get your children to take your side. Give the children as little  information as is necessary. Getting your kids involved in your Family Court  Dispute can be emotionally damaging to your child.  Never coach your children what to say to the judge, Guardian Ad Litem or investigator. Do everything  encourage your child’s relationship with the other parent!

2) If you are married and you feel it absolutely necessary to start dating while the divorce is still pending, do not introduce your new paramour to your child. This introduction is potentially damaging to your child. Also it is unfair to the other parent as well as your new love interest who now becomes involved in the custody feud.


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