RI Divorce Law Tip- 20 day Appeal Period from Decision Pending

The Final Judgment of Divorce in Rhode Island cannot be appealed to the Rhode Island Supreme Court. The appeal period does not start when a Justice of the Rhode Island Family Court issues a divorce Decision. The appeal period begins when the decision pending entry of final judgment enters. There is a 20 day appeal period from […]

Rhode Island Divorce FAQS by a Family Lawyer

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer, with 20 years of RI Family Court experience, answers many important questions about divorce law in RI. These are answers about RI family law that are not readily available on the internet Can I file a Rhode Island divorce if I have not been a domiciled inhabitant and Resident of Rhode Island for 1 year? […]

What does “Alimony Left Open” mean in a Divorce in RI?

When Alimony is left open in a Rhode Island Divorce, the Family Court does not make a specific award of Alimony at that time. In the future, the spouse may return to Court and seek Alimony based on the Parties situation at that time. Open Ended Alimony was validated by The Rhode Island Supreme Court in Calitri […]

Required to answer RI Divorce Complaint in 20 Days? Yes, No or Maybe!

Question: In Rhode Island, Is a spouse required to answer a Complaint and RI divorce summons within twenty (20) days? Yes, because the RI divorce summons clearly states and Rhode Island Law states that if you do not answer the case within 20 days then you may be defaulted. If you are defaulted, your spouse will get everything he or she is […]

Unconscionable Prenups Enforceable in RI Unless Involuntary & No Disclosure

Rhode Island General Law 15-17-6 and established Rhode Island Supreme Court decisions create a tremendous burden on a person seeking to invalidate a prenuptial agreement in Rhode Island.  To put it bluntly, Rhode Island Prenuptial Law is ridiculous and absurd. Rhode Island May be the toughest state in the country to invalidate or challenge a Premarital agreement. Rhode […]

Can I get a divorce in Rhode Island Just by Signing Papers?

This Rhode Island divorce law post is authored by a Rhode Island divorce attorney with 20 years of experience representing clients in Providence Family court. Can we just sign papers and get divorce? No. Rhode Island divorce law requires a nominal divorce hearing in open court to obtain a divorce. A nominal divorce hearing is […]

How does fault and infidelity affect a Divorce in RI?

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer with 18 years of experience in Providence Family Court explains how fault such as cheating affects a divorce in RI. Even though Rhode Island is a  so called “no fault” state, fault can play a significant role in a Rhode Island divorce. Fault can be important in a RI divorce […]

What assets are not marital property under Rhode Island Divorce Law?

A Rhode Island divorce lawyer with over 20 years of experience in RI divorce law describes what constitutes marital property in Rhode Island subject to the equitable distribution statute.  If you are in  need of a divorce in Rhode Island, a Rhode Island divorce attorney can help you fight for your legal rights. The pertinent divorce […]

Vomiting over license Plate in Divorce Court? License Plate Feud

Rhode Island divorce attorney David Slepkow takes a moment to look back at the Cardinale v. Cardinale divorce and the resulting license plate feud between the parties.  This was a rather unfortunate moment in Providence Family Court history. This moment occurred in an infamous divorce brouhaha, the Cardinale v. Cardinale divorce. It is not surprising, […]